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Please note that as of Jan 2008 all downloads will be in RAR format.

Fourth Quadrant

About Fourth Quadrant

Fourth Quadrant encompasses
  • Pasture Management,
  • Physical and Feed Monitoring
  • and Financial Performance Summary.

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Individual And Group Monitoring and Benchmarking

This provides the user with powerful monitoring and benchmarking tools in the areas of Herd Management, Cow Performance, Pasture Performance and Financial year-on-year comparison on farm.

Farms combined in customizable (Anonymous or Public) groups can furthermore benchmark performance comparatively with others in the group. This way farming groups are able to compare themselves in order to identify problem areas.

And also see the systems requirements.

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Data Synchronization Benefits

With the use of Optex* data is synchronized between the client and the web service. Some of the benefits this provides include**:

  • Allows multi-user operations access to latest data anywhere and anytime for a on-farm feel.
  • As our global database is always backed up, your data is inherently always backed up.
  • Third parties, groups, etc can be created and given limited to full access for reviewing and comparative purposes.

* Proprietary Data Exchange Component.
** The benefits are dependant on the frequency and effectiveness of synchronizing.